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  • Why is Intracorp proposing to redevelop these properties?
    The properties are located within the Burrard Corridor in the West Community Plan, which is where the City permits higher density development. Intracorp, along with their partners Forseed Group and CM Partners, purchased the properties in August 2018 with the intention to redevelop. The existing building is nearing its end of life and will eventually need to be replaced.
  • What is the timeline for this proposal? Has an application been submitted?
    No, an application has not been submitted. We plan to submit our application in early 2021. Subject to staff review, the Application will advance to a Public Hearing, and provided Council approves the Rezoning, a Development Permit application and Building Permit application would follow. The earliest possible date that tenants would need to move out is December 2023, but it could be later. The soonest construction could begin would be early 2024. We will keep you updated on our process as updates become available.
  • When will residents have to vacate the building? What's the last possible day to move out?
    The project will have to have all of its permits and approvals in place before a 4-month Notice to Vacate is issued to tenants (per the BC Residential Tenancy Act). Our current anticipated timeline is the earliest possible date that tenants would need to move out is December 2023, but it could be later. However, as you probably know, the West End is a very popular place to live and you therefore may want to consider not waiting until the final Notice to Vacate to move to make sure you can secure the right apartment.
  • Who is eligible for tenant assistance?
    We are currently working on a Tenant Relocation Plan with the City of Vancouver. Our Plan will be in accordance with the City of Vancouver Tenant Relocation Policy. We will share updates on our proposed tenant assistance plan as soon as they are available.
  • What kind of assistance are you offering?
    We are working with the City of Vancouver to develop a tenant compensation and assistance plan. We will share details as soon as they are available.
  • Can you make sure that I find another apartment in the West End?
    Tenants that are eligible under the Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy are eligible to receive assistance with finding new accommodations if it is requested. Additional supports will be provided for low income tenants or tenants with other barriers to housing. The City of Vancouver Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy can be reviewed here.
  • What are you offering tenants who need additional assistance due to a disability or other personal circumstances?
    If you require help, please let us know. We will meet with you and assess how we can help. Different people will require different kinds of assistance and we will speak with you in detail on an individual basis to determine everyone’s needs.
  • How are you planning to communicate with tenants moving forward?
    James Tod will be your key point of contact going forward. Please don’t hesitate to contact James with any questions at 604-875-6125 or
  • What is being proposed?
    Our current proposal is to rezone our property to permit the construction of two buildings, one 15- storey (206 feet) and one 55-storey (plus a mechanical penthouse) (580 feet), with a total of 516 new homes (450 units of strata residential and 66 rental units). Our proposal also includes 42,000 SF of retail space, a 49-space daycare, a new public on Haro Street, and a mid-block gallery-style walkway that will bring people through the site to Thurlow Street and Rosemary Brown Lane. Please note all numbers are approximate at this time.
  • What are the proposed rents for the rental housing units?
    Rents will be determined at the time of leasing. Unfortunately, we are not able to predict what rental rates will be several years from now.
  • Are you offering any affordable rental?
    We are currently exploring all rental options for our property. Please let us know your thoughts on the inclusion of affordable rental here.
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